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Our goal is to provide you with the best quality phone parts for more profit, which is our lasting value to save you more money. We believe that quality phone parts can enhance your customer’s experience and keep them loyal to your brand. With our high-quality phone parts, you can increase your profit margin and grow your business.

Incoming Materials Check

In-Process Quality Check

Final Product Quality Check

Incoming Quality Control

We understand how important the components are to guarantee a high quality of phone parts. From the frame, TP, and LCD, we assess the quality of all raw materials using our reliable evaluation system to eliminate potentially non-conforming parts.

In the meantime, our QC team records and codes all incoming material information, and we provide standard product configurations according to the requirements of the customers. We provide you with the highest quality phone parts to increase your profit, which is our commitment to helping you save money.

In-process Quality Control

It is imperative to conduct a thorough FOG inspection of the semi-finished products of the main part to ensure the quality and reliability of the finished product. Before assembly, functional tests will be conducted based on strict testing standards and criteria. Only those that pass the tests will proceed to the finished product assembly process. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in the rejection of the semi-finished product and a delay in the production process.

Final Quality Control

Visual Inspections

1.  Examine whether the surface of the glass lens is damaged or has paint peeling off.
2. Check whether the front bezel is debonded, any screw holes are blocked, or there is any other visible damage.
3. Check whether the flex cable is broken or damaged.
4. Inspect whether the backlight adhesion is normal.

Structure Test

1. Measure the length, width, and thickness. 
2. Check if the LCD metal plate is well-matched and if the screw holes are well-aligned.
3. Check if the screen fits well with the iPhone housing after installation.
4. Check if the function is normal after installation.
5. Inspect if there is any light leakage or if the backlight is conflicting with the LCD.

Display And Function Test

1. Check if the glass lens surface is damaged or paint is chipped.
2. Check if the front bezel is detached, if any screw holes are blocked or damage
3. Verify if the flex cable is broken or damaged.
4. Inspect whether the backlight is properly adhered or not.

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